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Supply of Studio Apartments in Singapore for Expats

Supply of Studio Apartments in Singapore for Expats

In Singapore, expats have a whole variety of different living situations to choose from. As a modern city, Singapore housing represents the whole scale of possibilities, from the single studio apartment to the bungalow and colonial house. Expats who come to Singapore looking for work usually will want to organize where they will be living before they come, otherwise the hotel stay will roll their pocketbook back something fierce. Studio apartments in Singapore offer the most popular choice for living situations among expats.

If you’re coming as a couple, married or otherwise, studio apartments are not only a good option for their abundance all over the city, but also for their affordability. You can expect to pay anywhere from 800 to 6000 US dollars for a studio department, per month. It all depends on where you want to live, if you want a more modern set up, or if you want something a little more outdated.

However, studio apartments in Singapore tend to be newer, because apartments were originally constructed for families and the studio apartment grew alongside the educational and economic rise of the country, which put demand on lodging for budget-minded individuals such as students and entrepreneurs. Expats are the ones who scoop up some of the best studio apartment deals today.

To find the studio apartment that is right for you, there are a number of online websites that collect room for rent posts. These websites provide listings of all the current properties up for rental. If you get really lucky, you can find rooms that cost as low as 500-600. The problem with these Singapore studio apartments is that they’re typically quite far away (relatively) from the city center, and perhaps they do not have the same amenities that other expat studio apartments have, such as wi-fi.

All in all, a studio apartment in Singapore is a good choice for an expat living there. It keeps things simple, and cheap. Many situations will require you to sign a contract, to be terminated on the completion of 6 to 12 month stays. Visit our property section if you are looking to rent a studio apartment and don’t fee discouraged, there are cases of studio apartments that don’t require all the legal mumbo jumbo.

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