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Working in Singapore, an Expat Point of View

Working in Singapore, an Expat Point of View

One question you’ll get from friends is what it’s like working in Singapore as an expat? This is a common question because although Singapore is a great place to work and live, it is still not the most popular destination career wise. Fresh graduates and experienced workers try to move to other cities such as London, New York, Chicago or Sydney but Singapore with its tight regulations and small size is not that attractive.

So, what it’s like working in Singapore? Everybody thinks that you will work mad hours but that is not entirely accurate, as an expat, it is quite common to leave on time in comparison with locals who like staying longer hours in the office.

Another great benefit of working in Singapore is that income taxes are very low. As an example for a yearly salary of SG$100,000 you’ll pay SG$5,650 while in US you’ll probably pay between SG$15,000 and SG$20,000.

Health insurance is another additional benefit, the MOM asks employers to provide health insurance for any expat employee they want to hire in order to give them an employment pass.

But, although there are great benefits or working in Singapore, as an expat you’ll feel homesick and will questioning if it was the right decision to move to Singapore. To avoid those feelings we have put together some tips to enjoy your time at work:

  • Connect with other expats. It will be easy to spot a fellow expat so don’t be shy and introduce yourself.
  • Be part of any club at work. Most of international companies have a culture club, events club or other similar in charge of organizing events.
  • Learn new things. One positive aspect of working in Singapore is that most of the companies have flat structure, meaning you can interact with people from other units.
  • Share your culture. If you are from a foreign or exotic country, share your culture with your colleagues. Ideally through cooking or drinks which are really good topics of conversation.

Also some tips to avoid feeling homesick:

  • Get a pet. If you are living on your own, a pet is a great company while you adjust to this city. Visit the SPCA Singapore to adopt your new best friend.
  • Join some clubs. Depending where you are from there are many clubs and associations to join.
  • Learn a new sport. From scuba diving to wake boarding or even traveling to neighbor Malaysia and doing more extreme sports, Singapore offers you lots of interesting places to learn something new.
  • Take cooking lessons. Singapore has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world so learn new dishes so you can surprise your family when you visit them for holidays.

As you can see, working in Singapore as expats has many more pros than cons. We encourage you to try something new every day. Visit our homepage to keep reading more about expats in Singapore. If you like our blog please share it with your friends or spread the word on Facebook or Twitter.

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