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Finding the Right Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

Finding the Right Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

Singapore is a powerhouse of economic movement. Recruitment agencies are always swamped with job openings because new business are constantly popping up, executives and administrative assistants are climbing the social ladder and leaving positions vacant, and expats are arriving and joining the job hunt. There are dozens of recruiting agencies in Singapore for expats and locals alike. If you don’t know what recruitment agency to choose, visit the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) which provides a directory of licensed employment agencies.

Getting involved in these agencies is a key step to finding a position in a Singaporean company. Most companies in Singapore use these middle men, because they have a trusted method of raking the job potentials and presenting the correct match for each newly-opened position. For expats, recruitment agencies are a serious MUST in Singapore.

To find the recruitment agency that is right for you, you need to research what kinds of positions they are seeking to fill. Some agencies might place expats in a category all to their own. Some recruitment agencies specialize in marketing professionals and others in temp work hires. An agency might deal primarily with executive experience-heavy positions while another deals with entry-level candidates. The important thing is that you understand your limitations and your potential as an input into a local company position.

So if you’re an expat in Singapore and you’re looking for a recruiting agency, rest assured that you have many, many options before you. No matter what industry you’re trying to find work in, with so many recruitment agencies to apply to, you’re going to find what you’re looking for.

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