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The Rate of Job Vacancy in Singapore for Expats

The Rate of Job Vacancy in Singapore for Expats

Singapore has long been an attractive destination for white-collar foreign workers. Their system of meritocracy has meant that their immigration laws have been traditionally relaxed in order to allow international talent to compete with local talent. On any given day in the city-state of Singapore, one sees a high percentage of foreign workers in the financial district. Job vacancies in Singapore are for expats everyday occurrences.

The rate of job vacancy in Singapore for expatriates is usually medium to high because of the amount of international movement and growth that the country enjoys. New companies are founded, international companies open new headquarters, and established companies expand. White-collar financial jobs are among the most common jobs to appear on listings sites. This includes job vacancies on all levels of company structures, from legal to administrative, secretarial to accounting. Executive positions are also available, but are fiercely contested.

Recently, domestic sentiment has highlighted the concern that local talent pools are being overlooked in favor of foreign pools. As a reflection of this sentiment, the government passed a law that requires companies to post their new job vacancies on Singapore national listing sites first, and then on the recruiting agency sites where expats can find them. This law has not changed much, but if local sentiment continues to turn inward, then job vacancy slots will slowly begin to disappear.

In the meantime, recruiting agencies are keen to include qualified expats in their employee databases. Singapore functions on a system of interconnectivity, and if expats do not make their intentions known via the internet, they will not be able to fill job vacancies. Companies themselves are constantly on the lookout for useful talent, because the business-oriented world of Singapore is unforgiving in its competitive leaning.

There are many recruiting agency sites that post different kinds of job vacancies. Before you apply to the listing, you should do some research and make sure that your professional resume is up to standard for Singapore. Cross-cultural communication often means having to alter the way we present ourselves. If expats want a shot at Singapore job vacancies, they need to modify their image and presentation accordingly.

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