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Finding a Part-Time Job in Singapore is not as Hard as You Think

Finding a Part-Time Job in Singapore is not as Hard as You Think

For expats, finding a part time job in Singapore can be a grueling test of patience and perseverance, but it’s not all that bad. Singapore’s small size in some ways mimics the sense of frustration that one might feel on the job hunt. Expats in Singapore are usually there on contractual work, and whether it is because the compensation is not enough, or because the contract has ended and they want to stay in lovely Singapore longer, many expats are looking for part-time jobs these days. If you’ve just arrived to Singapore and are looking for a job, read these tips about how to find one.

So how do you as an expat go about finding part-time jobs in Singapore? First, know that demand is high for skilled labor, even for part-time. And although the business environment for expats in Singapore can sometimes feel overbearing, there are little air holes in the form of part time work. International organizations like to hire foreigners for part time duties, and if you have experience in the office world, there’s always something that needs an expatriate’s doing.

Oftentimes expats look to the internet. There are many expatriate sites where locals and expats alike post their job opportunities. Sometimes an expat and his or her significant other work all day and want a fellow expat to watch over their children for part of the day. Or perhaps newly arrived expats are willing to pay for help getting orientated. Part time jobs in Singapore among the expat community itself is a sure way to get that extra buck flowing. Check out all the expat forums to see what kinds of part time work is out there.

As per the part-time job opportunities offered by local businesses, you’ll tend to find a lot of customer service, hospitality and English teacher positions. Not all Singaporeans speak English, and those who do usually speak Singlish. Dont know what Singlish is? visit Wikipedia. Teaching Standard English pronunciation is a great way to make some income on the side for expats.

For most part-time positions you might need to get the Work Permit. You otherwise run the risk of getting caught for working illegally, and Singapore is known for its strict laws. However, if you’re an expat you probably already have permission to work in the country, so all it will take is a bit of elbow grease to find the right fit.

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