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Finding a 1 Bedroom Apartment Rental in Singapore as an Expat

Finding a 1 Bedroom Apartment Rental in Singapore as an Expat

One of the most important aspects for any relocation is securing a place to live. There are plenty of 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Singapore, so it’s not a question of whether or not an expat will find his or her perfect flat. Nor is it much a question of location, because being small, Singapore has a good transportation system that makes even the furthest flat feel right at the foot of all the city-state’s happenings. The real question for expats looking for rooms to rent in Singapore is how much their income is going to offset the cost.

One thing that is true is that Singapore is not a cheap place to live. As one of the hubs of Southeast Asian business (if not the hub), Singapore has created a stable economy that attracts big businesses, which in turn place their financial headquarters in the comfortable confines of the city. 1 Bedrooms aparment for rent are plenty, but if you want one somewhere in Singapore’s city center such as the CBD, it’s going to run you up 4,500 to 5,000 SGD. Otherwise, living outside of the city center you can find apartments around 3,000 dollars. As you can see, an expat can expect the same affordable prices that he might expect in neighboring countries.

So once you can be sure that the price is within your means, how do you find an apartment to rent in Singapore? Expats have many forums, because the expat community is quite large. One option is to find expats on these forums who have inside knowledge about the housing market. Maybe they can tell you how to find the cheapest places. If price is not your concern, then perhaps it’s the landlord question that you preoccupy yourself with. Other option is to share, many expats live together and share the costs of a single flat. The forums, again, are the best resources if you want to find an apartment to rent or to share between expats.

Many expats will be looking for rooms for rent, and Singapore is a great city to house hunt. It’s clean, well-connected and is not overwhelmingly large.

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