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Are you an expat looking for a job in Singapore? Follow these tips

Are you an expat looking for a job in Singapore? Follow these tips

As any other expat in this lovely island, one of the main motives to move to Singapore is the opportunity to work closely with the Asian market. But, if you don’t have an offer before relocating to Singapore, finding a job can be either easy or extremely painful and time consuming.

In my case, I was very lucky to have contacts before relocating and after a few weeks in Singapore, I had already offers, but despite all that, I had to do my own research, review multiple websites and contact with lot of key players in the my industry. So, if you are in the search of a job either from Singapore or from your country home, please visit these websites to find your dream job in the Lion city.

Being such a small city, most of the job opportunities are shared via contacts. Also headhunters search on LinkedIn for potential candidates.
Tip: If your LinkedIn is in another language, change it English ASAP and update it with your latest achievements.

Monster is a key player for job hunting globally, but in Singapore still is not as big as LinkedIn. In most of the cases, recruitment agencies and headhunters are the ones posting the job offers.
Tip: Create your account and upload your CV and cover letter. It will help you to apply for jobs easier and faster

3) JobsDB
It is the Monster for Asia Pacific; good job offers and sometimes posted by the same companies.
Tip: Identify which company is posting the job offer, follow it via LinkedIn and connect with the HR manager, after that introduce yourself and ask about the position you are interested in.

4) JobStreet and STJobs
These two websites have job offers but mostly from local (SMEs) companies or companies looking for junior staff.
TIP: Use these websites if you are looking for an entry-level position. For more senior positions you should use LinkedIn

I hope this list helps you to find your dream job, but if you are in Singapore and not finding a job, just enjoy your time here, travel to places and keep making good friends.

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