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The Real World of Singapore Expat Dating

The Real World of Singapore Expat Dating

A real stickler when it comes to living abroad in another country is finding out how to meet singles. Nowadays, online dating sites are popping in every country, in every language, and geared toward every life factor. If you’re Christian, you have your own dating site; if you have a health issue, you have a dating site to meet others; if you’re an expat living in Singapore, you have a dating site too.

Singapore is a wonderfully eclectic city that offers a grand assortment of possible outings to take your date to. First of all, it’s a question of finding your date. Dating in Singapore is easy and fun because there are so many other expats. If you prefer to meet a local, there are many bars and clubs where you can intermingle.

First, there are the online forums. Singapore is a very conservative society in many respects, and unless you’re going to be constantly stopping foreigners on the street to see if they’re single, you might do yourself the favor of making your case known in the forums. People want to connect with others from their home country, or at least from a country that speaks their language with a similar accent. Online forums have popped up for expat dating in Singapore, and all it takes is an e-mail address.

Once you’re connected with someone who is interested, you have to take them out on the town. Singapore’s most attractive quality is that it is a small metropolis where four stark cultures mix and diversify each other. There are so many wonderful restaurants to take someone that dating for expats feels more like a time warp.

The expat community is large, but word tends to get around. If you prefer to shun the internet’s dating sites, then make your case known by dropping the hint at expat gatherings in the city. Others will pick up the cue and pass it on, and hopefully the grapevine will bring you eventually into contact with a pretty date. Now you can head out and see the sights arm and arm with someone special.

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